Play Zone - is the official distributor of the leading manufacturers of entertainment equipment the United States, Europe and Asia.

We offer integrated business solutions, including:

  • Development of the concept according to main objectives of entertainment centerCreation of a floor plan and the zoning of the area
  • Selection of equipment, taking into account the developed concepts and requirements of the partner
  • Assessment of cost-effectiveness of future project
  • Direct delivery of entertainment equipment with a maximum cost savings and time
  • Assembling


 Our strengths:

  • Maximum focus on the interests and needs of partner
  • An integrated approach to entertainment centers
  • Creation of a concept in accordance with partners’ budget
  • Pre-zoning of the area
  • Well-established supply channels

 Complex solutions company

  • Development of the concept of the entertainment zone

Based on an analysis of the location of future or existing entertainment center and competitive environment, we develop a concept of the center with all its features.

  • Functional zoning of the area

Based on the approved concept, the architects develop functional zoning of the area.

  • Selection of equipment

We offer the best selection of entertainment equipment on the basis of the developed concepts and customer requirements. Selection is formed on the basis of new, popular and commercially viable devices and amusement rides. We obtain information from our ongoing market research as well as from a continuous dialogue with leading suppliers and from the experience of operating similar projects.

  • Direct delivery

Due to established partnerships with leading manufacturers of entertainment equipment we deliver all the rides and equipment in the shortest possible time with maximum cost savings, time, and an unconditional fulfillment of all contractual obligations.