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Artificial ice rinks


Today, more and more confronted with the requirements of customers make a skating rink complex geometric shapes, and even with the possibility of rapid assembly and disassembly. To solve this problem we refer to technologies that will make a mobile, easy to build and quickly removable artificial ice rink with quality ice.

One of the advantages of mobile ice complex is its stability when operating in different temperature regimes: withstands temperatures from + 50 to - 50 gradusov, premium slip, is not dangerous to health, not harm the environment, high strength, no corrosion, uniform coating, UV- Stable.  Our ice is biologically clean product that has a certificate.

We give everyone the opportunity to use our ice for public skating for all kinds of winter sports (hockey, figure skating), for schools, kindergartens, parks, entertainment centers, for entertainment, Christmas parties, discos. You will save the high cost of water, electricity and maintenance.
After trying to ride on our ice, you get not only a lot of fun, but also guaranteed for 10 years.