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Slimline SL-3

Country: США


The new Rock-Ola "Slimline" is the smallest free-standing commercial jukebox in today's market. The 19" touchscreen completes the package. The small package hides a big and beautiful sound. The Peavey 900 watt amplifier is standard, but the Slimline sound can be pumped up to as much as 3500 watts RMS with the addition of a 2nd 900, 1500, or 2600 watt amplifier, an option that this compact cabinet comes equipped to accommodate. The amps are housed in a thermally isolated chamber to make a cooler-running jukebox.
The Peavey speaker system has also been designed and balanced by Peavey electronics and features a 15" dual-voice coil sub-woofer housed in a tuned, slot-loaded chamber, two 6-1/2" drivers in their own tuned enclosures & 2 large horn tweeters. Also includes a credit card acceptor & dollar bill acceptors-with sufficient space for an optional 1100 bill stacker.

Game Specifications:

Height: 1,98 m
Width: 0,92 m
Depth: 0,76 m

Weight: 317 kg