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Sports simulators



Golf simulator is a fun game of last generation. This is a full-fledged game of golf indoors on absolutely accurate copies of the world's golf courses. Installation area for the simulator is relatively small, which makes it quite affordable to use.

Full Motion Racing Simulator SKY - dynamic platform manual control with emergency stop button. The simulator is equipped with a high-speed AC servo motor, professional racing wheel Logitech G27 F1, professional panel Logitech G27, Sony 3D audio, safety belt Sparco 5 points, remote access module. You also have access to the settings for the counter help control the number of landings.

Test your skills in a standard football Football Simulator, which operates on a 'quick shot' Select - 20 shots in 60 seconds. Kick of ball possible conversion or from any distance on the field. There is a function modeling pass or stroke. Simultaneously broadcast on the scoreboard how many goals scored with the total number of strokes. Allows you to measure speed and reaction time.

Racing Simulator Evotek - the simulator enables users to race against time or compete against artificial intelligence to fully relive the excitement of a Formula One Grand Prix. By connecting two or more platforms online, users can challenge friends or other users to an exciting race to the checkered flag.