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China Town Trading House

Dark Escape

Country: США


According to the script you will be offered four levels of tests and test yourself on availability of phobias: fear of the dead, fear of the dark, fear of insects, parasites, and fear of open spaces.
To complete the feeling inside the cab of the rides you will be surrounded by:

  • The image on the screen with a 3D effect - monsters and the living dead "jump" to you from the picture screen;
  • Direct the air - on the skin shivers are guaranteed as soon as you feel yourself breathing close undead;
  • The effect of "surround sound" will create eight speakers, including one subwoofer. You will feel the roar of the monster within himself;
  • Vibrating chair, interconnected scenes with screen - will create an additional effect of real presence. You will experience as a huge monster with heavy steps closer to you;
  • Touch sensors on the steering wheel controls to measure the depth of your fears.