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China Town Trading House

3D Top Speed City

Country: Китай


The game begins, press the "up" button "on the throttle, started the car, and increase the throttle, the car accelerated.
Select the card: the game supports the player card is inserted, to save the players game data, the vehicle is unlocked, the ranking data. Select Story Mode: Each track has three NPC for players to challenge. Each NPC has different difficulty, increasing level; you only can successful challenge an NPC to enter the next challenge. Unlock all six cities in the track can unlock a sports car. Select the time mode: the players a single player game, finish the game within the specified time. The time is shorter, you is the higher in the ranking. After you success the all challenge, you can obtain a car.

Game Specifications:

Dimension: W 1855 × D1450 × H 2450 (mm)
Maximum power: 420W
Weight: 150 KG
220V/50 Hz