Design of play area

Developing the concept and design you always start with a clean slate and ideas generation. Design is not an abstract notion. This is what the customer needs to see - clearly and in detail. The success of the project largely depends on concept design. Play Zone devotes considerable time for visual presentation, which allows customers to clearly see how finished project will look.

The concept of family entertainment center implies creation of an effective system of interaction between different areas in order to generate maximum visitors. A key factor in the successful concept - a clear understanding of the target audience of the center.
Creating a smart concept for play area will inevitably lead to a significant increase in the potential of the entertainment center as a whole. We highly recommend to pay special attention to the concept design at the stage of concept development.

The concept of playing area includes the following elements:

Mini-rides - bright and colorful attractions for children. Holiday will be a holiday if the child doesn’t visit mini-rides at least once.

Children's play labyrinth - favorite entertainment for small kids.

Redemption games - games with the issuance of prize tickets. The attractions accept coins, tokens or cards and as a result give out prize tickets which can be exchanged for a prize of preference.

Video games - game process that unfolds on the screen. Modern videos are secured with widescreen display, motion-platforms, sound and other innovations that provide an effect of full presence.

Prize zone - a place where visitors can get the prizes as a result of playing redemption games. Attractiveness and variety of prizes as well as their proper location largely determine attendance and cost-effectiveness of play area.

Panic room - one of the most visited attractions in modern amusement parks and entertainment zones. For everyone who want an adrenaline rush.

Rock climbing walls - not only training center for alpinism fanatics, but also a great place of leisure.


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