Control system

Automation of playing area is the first step toward reducing dependence of your business on a so-called human factor. The ability to remotely and efficiently manage entertainment center and monitor work in real time is vitally important. For this purpose we offer installation of software and hardware system SACOA.


Any amusement machine, rides, or entire play area can be connected to system SACOA, allowing you to automate the payment of all objects entertainment center. Magnetic stripe cards are used as a payment system. They are much more difficult to fake. In addition, the system allows the operator to manage the pricing factor of the game, depending on the type of attraction, time of day, day of week, season or visitor loyalty. The customer opens an account with a purchased card, which can be periodically recharged.

SACOA system allows you to build corporate networks from several entertainment centers with a single payment system and provides detailed statistics on the use and effectiveness of play equipment.

Sacoa system allows you to:

Check the operation On-line: tracking information in real time. The number of games on each attraction, prizes, bonuses, free games, information on simple equipment sales for any time period;

Control access to the rides: manual access to small rides and motorized stainless steel turnstile for access to bigger attractions;

Control prices and special offers: making lists of prices for any required period, discounts or conditions for price changes, the use of the automatic price change, depending on the popularity and attendance.


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